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Fan site of the month: Interview with Trevor-Donovan.net

by on June 6th 2011 at 4:49 pm

When LocateTV posted our season 3 finale article about the hit series 90210, we were pleasantly surprised when http://trevor-donovan.net linked to us on their site!

I got in touch with Kris, the webmistress of the site, and she was more than happy to be featured as LocateTV's fan site of the month! Google 'Trevor Donovan' and the first site you'll find after the usual Wikipedia, IMDb and Twitter pages is Adoring Trevor Donovan, Kris' site that's been online since December 2010.

Full of the latest news on the 90210 actor, the site includes videos of Trevor's appearances, high-quality photographs, a link to his personal Twitter feed, information on Trevor's leading role in the series and a filmography to name a few features!

To highlight the work that goes into a successful fansite like this, we asked Kris a few questions:

Can you tell us what prompted you to create http://trevor-donovan.net?

I really like 90210 and my favorite character is Teddy, especially when I saw him as "the gay guy" on 90210. His performance was great and I started to want to know more about the actor, so I searched more on the web about Trevor. When I realized there weren't fan sites about him I thought to open my own, to share my admiration for Trevor and to help other fans to stay up to date about him, and of course to support him in his career. I like to think about my site as a little thing I can do for Trevor and his fans!

How much time does it take to keep the site up-to-date?

Finding news, photos and adding media content to the site is not always easy. I spend a lot of time searching and sorting news and I always make sure to give my visitors the right information. I'm a student and school takes a lot of my free time, so I have to balance my time in order to keep the site always updated. I usually spend 1-2 hours a day updating the site, but it depends on how much news there is at the moment. Anyways, I learnt how to make my online life and my real one well combined!

Do you know if Trevor has visited your site?

I know Trevor visited my site and I guess he still visits it. I was really excited when he sent me a DM on Twitter and said thanks for the site. You know, when your favorite actor thanks you about a site you made for him, you couldn't be anything but happy!

How many people do you have writing for your site?

Nobody helped me with site so far. I update it myself and even if sometimes it's a bit time consuming, I really love to do it! People have a lot of different hobbies, this is mine...but I can feel it mostly like a passion!

Have you found it easy to form close bonds with online friends?

I didn't have the chance to know a lot of people with my site, but sometimes people write to me to say thanks for my work or to show admiration for Trevor. Every time it happens I feel so happy and more proud of my work! I always try to remain in contact with every person because I think fans are the heart of a fan site and I also love to meet new people.

So there you have it! Kris obviously has a real passion for keeping her site up-to-date, and she has certainly done that with all the latest details and appearances from Trevor's recent UK tour.

We wish Kris the best of luck with her site in the future, and hope Trevor does still visit!

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