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DVD Takeaway - machetes, guy love and lost cities...

by on August 14th 2009 at 1:56 pm

Here are LocateTV's favourite DVD releases this week...



Zac Efron heats things up in the latest teen role reversal movie, 17 Again. Matthew Perry's character is given a second chance to be cool when he miraculously wakes up as a 17 year-old again, but can he cut it in the class of 2009?


We all love an underdog story, especially with a few laughs thrown in. Kevin James (from The King of Queens) stars as the mild-mannered security guard who has to save the day when the mall is taken over by a gang of organised criminals in the comedy Paul Bart: Mall Cop.  -friday-the-13th


Don't go down to the woods tonight! Watch Friday the 13th: Extended Cut instead. This remake of the classic horror sees the return of the machete wielding killer, Jason, and relives all the gore!


It's all about the ‘bromance' in the new Paul Rudd, Jason Segel comedy, I Love You, Man. Friendless Peter goes on a series of man-dates to find a Best Man for his wedding.

Join Uma Thurman and Rachel Evan Wood in the thriller, The Life Before Her Eyes. A housewife starts to question her life and her sanity when retracing days as a teenager that lead up to a tragic school shooting and the death of her friend.


On TV box set this week...



Brenda may have grown up but there's just as much drama for the ‘poor little rich kids' in Beverley Hills.  Catch up on all the new faces and shenanigans with 90210 - The Complete First Season.



Travel to the Pegasus Galaxy and the legendary city of Atlantis, in the final season of Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Season 5.


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Happy viewing!


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