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Spooky horror movie quiz - test your knowledge!

by on October 29th 2014 at 12:29 pm


Think of yourself as a bit of a scream queen? Find the horror movie genre rather palatable? Well look no further and test your knowledge on all things spooky.   I have scoured the net to find the best and random facts about horror movies to pickle your brains with.   Try to not get too creeped out...  

Friends 20th Anniversary

by on September 23rd 2014 at 5:01 pm

Friends first page

Yesterday the television world celebrated the 20th anniversary of one of the biggest shows in history. It's hard to believe that the very first episode of Friends was aired on September 22, 1994! We love Friends a lot. For the 10th anniversary of the series' last episode we have asked you about your favorite guest celebrity on the show here. This time we want you to take our quiz. Warning! It's difficult and requires a lot of knowledge of the subject. So go ahead, click on the picture below to find out if you really know Friends. Good luck!

25 Years of Seinfeld - Take the Seinfeld Quiz!

by on July 3rd 2014 at 4:15 pm

Jerry Seinfeld feature

  Can you believe that it's the 25th Anniversary of Seinfeld?! "Get out!" Famous words above, spoken often by the eccentric, unlucky-in-love Elaine Benes, from the hit TV show Seinfeld, which celebrates it's 25th anniversary since it first aired July 5, 1989. It's been 25 years since the classic sitcom hit our screens, and to celebrate, we've knocked up a quiz to help you understand once and for all, which Seinfeld character you are! So, take the test and giddy up! You could be the sometimes-aggressive, Elaine? Will you be the pudgy, balding, under-achieving, undeniably cheap and compulsive liar, George… read more »

St Patrick's Day Facts - Everything you need to know

by on March 13th 2014 at 12:15 pm

Happy St. Patrick's Day

This Monday is the religious holiday celebrating all things Guinness the Patron Saint of Ireland. Yes that's right, it's Saint Patrick's Day! It's the one time of the year where people internationally don the hats of leprechauns, dress in Green, repeatedly exclaim "Top o' the morning to you" and drink unquantifiable amounts of Guinness. Yes although many people do celebrate St. Patrick's Day by becoming intoxicated on Guinness and eating enough Irish stew to last the remainder of the year, there is more to this day than alcohol abuse. Here are some facts I found about St. Patrick and his… read more »

Arizona time difference on LocateTV

by on March 10th 2014 at 3:23 pm

Yesterday marked the beginning of Daylight Saving Time across the US, except in Arizona. And unfortunately this can cause a lot of problems for our users based in the Grand Canyon state! The reason being that LocateTV listings are set by time zone and not state, so the schedule for Arizona will be an hour out during MST. We're really sorry for the inconvenience, and have a possible solution if you find the hour difference too frustrating. Try changing your location to zip code 95959 Nevada City, which is in the PDT. Although the times are correct, an issue that… read more »