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World Beard Day - Hollywood Beards

by on September 2nd 2015 at 5:56 pm


Saturday 5th September sees the celebration of World Beard Day. What better way to celebrate such a momentous occasion than with a roundup of some of the best beards in Hollywood. We've managed to narrow them down to just 10. And so ladies and gentlemen, let us present to you Hollywood's Most Glorious Beards! In no particular order:   Michael Fassbender Although we said there was no particular order, this beautiful German-Irish (hence the ginger-colored facial hair) actor wins in this competition.     Gerard Butler This is a wonderful Spartan beard!     Jake Gyllenhaal Puppy eyes and facial… read more »

The Transporter: Refueled - Key Facts

by on August 26th 2015 at 5:22 pm


Big fan of The Transporter movies? Well you're in luck because the latest installment of the series The Transporter: Refueled is just around the corner. As much as we would all love to see Jason Statham back as the hard hitting, slick driving Frank Martin, the starring role has been handed down to the equally capable (and attractive) Ed Skrein. Will the latest chapter live up to expectations? We’ve rounded up some of the key information you'll want to know about this action franchise.  

Best Dressed Men on TV

by on August 17th 2015 at 10:43 am


You may be surprised to learn that some of the most iconic men on TV actually take a fair bit of pride in their appearance. Nowhere is this more evident, than in our favorite reality shows and not to mention, the best legal dramas. In celebration of Men's Grooming Day, we have compiled a list of the sharpest and best dressed men on TV.   Don Draper - Mad Men Jon Hamm takes the title role of Don Draper is the 1960's TV drama, Mad Men. Some may argue that Draper isn't even the best dressed on the show, which… read more »

Best On-Screen Relationships

by on August 7th 2015 at 3:43 pm


Next week it's Son & Daughter Day, so to celebrate we thought it would be a good idea to round up some of our favorite son, daughter and family relationships. Whether they are comic or dramatic, take a look at some of these movies and TV shows to see if you can find something you can relate to!   Bart & Homer - The Simpsons   Bart and Homer's love/hate relationship is difficult to say the least. Homer's trademark method of punishment seems to always be strangling Bart until his eyes pop out of his head (I'm sure some of… read more »

Could this be the last Mission: Impossible?

by on July 27th 2015 at 11:33 am


Spanning almost an entire decade, the Mission: Impossible movie franchise never ceases to provide an action packed thrill ride with twists and turns around every corner. This week, the most recent addition to the series is released; Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, but could this be the final installment of this epic adventure? The latest film sees Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) embark on his most impossible mission of them all. An international rogue organisation, known only as the Syndicate, are devoted to dismantling the IMF and everything they stand for. During the trailer, Brandt (Jeremy Renner) is pictured saying "This… read more »