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World Cup 2014 - The Final!

by on July 11th 2014 at 9:57 am


It's a shame that I never got round to posting my pre-semi-final blog as I'd outlined how the irrepressible Germans looked set to steamroll the shaky Brazilians by a good six goal margin, with Klose upsetting the hosts further by taking original Ronaldo's goalscoring record. Ah well. But before we look ahead to the closing weekend's matches, we simply must reflect on the remarkable semi-finals, and the first one in particular. Brazil 1 Germany 7. Make no mistake, this is quite possibly the most significant football result, ever. A sporting equivalent of JFK, moon landing, Berlin Wall. Not a tragic,… read more »

World Cup 2014 - Quarter Final Blog

by on July 4th 2014 at 10:18 am


The entire globe it seems have already been claiming that this is "The Greatest Ever" FIFA World Cup, with goals, goals, GOALS! I suspect though that if you are from Tokyo, you will have enjoyed the last round more than the rest of the planet. That's because Japanese local time is twelves hours ahead of Brazil, meaning that most people would be getting up just when the best games of the round were getting to the end of normal time. Because it was extra time where the real drama lay; with penalties, late goals, and open, daring football that made… read more »

World Cup 2014 - The Last 16

by on June 27th 2014 at 9:36 am


There is normally a point in every World Cup which reminds me a bit of going on holiday at a hotel that has a buffet breakfast. On the first day, it's amazing. You get infinite bacon, waffles, hash browns, eggs (scrambled, fried, even poached if you ask). They don't mind if you go up again and again and again. On the second day it's still great... you are a bit choosier and maybe focus on a good stack of pancakes. But by the end of the first week, you're actually pretty tired of all this choice; the waffles taste the… read more »

22 Jump Street Movie Review - Where do you go from 21?

by on June 26th 2014 at 11:10 am


Two years ago back in 2012,¬†Phil Lord and Christopher Miller re-invented 21 Jump Street and sparked the start of a much loved bromance between costars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. Now in 2014 they're back as undercover cop team Schmidt and Jenko, being subjected to the many challenges of college life whilst trying to uncover a Mexican drug cartel.   Much the same plot as before, they are both there to uncover a new drug being passed around the college called WHYPHY, but soon find themselves getting more and more involved with college life. Tatum finds his "long lost brother"… read more »

You Do The Math - Part 2

by on June 23rd 2014 at 11:21 am


If you want to know why both final group matches are played simultaneously, just ask the nearest Algerian. (OK, unless you are somewhere in North Africa you probably don't have many Algerians nearby so I'll tell you why: In 1982 they were all set to qualify for the second stage of the World Cup. They just needed West Germany to fail to beat Austria. It wasn't a shock that the Germans managed this.... but the manner of their win appalled the watching World. After West Germany took an early lead both teams simply knocked the ball around for 80 minutes… read more »