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A Steve Jobs eulogy in a celebrity tweet world

by on October 6th 2011 at 6:15 pm

The passing of Steve Jobs has been Topic A to Z on twitter. One of the world's foremost visionaries is getting the send-off he would have wanted, with many comments making it to the blogosphere via the iPhones and iMacs he invented. Here's a random sampling of verbatim celebrity tweets in memory of the man who made Apple his tree of life.

BILL GATES -- For those of us lucky enough to get to to work with Steve, it's been an insanely great honor. I will miss Steve immensely.

ASHTON KUTCHER -- We have all surfed on the wake of Steve Jobs ship. Now we must learn to sail, but we will never forget our skipper.

TAYLOR SWIFT -- I never met Steve Jobs, but I always wanted to. What a tragic loss. I can't believe it. About to call my family and tell them I love them.

JIMMY FALLON -- Thank you, Steve Jobs, for all of the fun and amazing ways you made our lives better....Sent from my iPhone.

MADONNA --  R.I.P. Steve Jobs, thank you for shining your visionary light on the world!

LADY GAGA -- From his own invention I open my browser to its homepage. Today it took my breath away. #ThankYouSteve. Going to eat Apples all day.

JIM CARREY -- Steve Jobs was an amazing man. He will live in my hard drive forever! ?;^}

PRESIDENT OBAMA -- Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. From all of us at #Obama2012, thank you for the work you make possible every day -- including ours.

ROSIE O'DONNELL -- Early songs on a Mac Classic II to now through the night on my G5. Your beautiful life's work is everywhere (iPhone tweeted)

COLDPLAY  (two-part tweet) -- We are so sad to hear about the passing of Steve Jobs. In all of our encounters with him he was such a lovely man, and always so humble about his incredible talents. Like all of the people he knew, and the millions of others he didn't, we will miss him. Love, Coldplay

DIANE SAWYER -- Some of the fire in the universe dimmed tonight. Steve Jobs, thank you for reminding us all what ambition+imagination can do

GEORGE LOPEZ -- Our Einstein has just passed .. "Vaya Con Dios" Steve Jobs.

ALEC BALDWIN -- Sad about Steve Jobs. On par with Henry Ford, Carnegie and Edison.

ELLEN DEGENERES -- I just finished my show and I heard the news about Steve Jobs. He was an amazing man with an incredible vision. He changed the world.

KIM KARDASHIAN -- Wow Steve Jobs died! He was a brilliant man!

CHRIS COLFER -- RIP Steve Jobs! What a legacy!

DANNY DEVITO -- Steve Jobs miss you from the planet have you with me every day on earth

JUSTIN BIEBER -- RIP Steve Jobs - thanks to one of your inventions my life was changed. You will be missed but not forgotten!

Steve Jobs and his everlasting logo

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