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10 Facts You Didn't Know About "Independence Day" (1996)

by on July 4th 2013 at 9:24 am

Whether you like it or not, "Independence Day" is an iconic film for the 4th of July. It's like "Home Alone" for Christmas or "Hocus Pocus" for Halloween. You have probably seen it many times and will come across it in your TV Guides this year no doubt.

But do you want to see how much you don't know about "Independence Day" (the movie)? Let's do this!

1. 20th Century Fox paid $1.3 million for the trailer to be shown during the Super Bowl XXX commercial break. It was so successful that it started the trend of promoting potential blockbusters at the Super Bowl airing time.

2. "Independence Day" won the Best Visual Effects Academy Award in 1997. Plus 26 more awards and 21 nominations.

3. The script was written in 4 weeks and the film was shot in only 72 days, which is a very short period of time for such a huge blockbuster.

4. The film crew built a giant miniature of the White House (at 1/12 scale) just to blow it up for the filming.

5. The White House interiors sets were used later for Mars Attacks!

6. The suits designed for the aliens of "Independence Day" were 8 feet tall and equipped with 25 tentacles.

7. The star of "Friends" Matthew Perry was originally cast for the role of Captain Jimmy Wilder, Steve's best friend. Harry Connick Jr. secured the role in the end.

8. Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith's wife) turned down the role of Jasmine Dubrow, the girlfriend of Will Smiths' character, because of her busy schedule.

9. With the production budget of $75 million, the total worldwide lifetime grosses equal $817,400,891 - wow!

10. Will Smith will not be returning to the sequel that is due to be released on July 3, 2015.


To see where you can catch "Independence Day" today click here. God bless America!

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